At So Communications we offer interpreting and translation services in Japanese and Dutch languages.

Based in Amsterdam, we provide many different types of translation, coordination with all kinds of media from television to magazines, as well as interpretation services for a variety of situations. Please feel free to contact us through our Contact page.

So Communications’ on-the-spot support
You can confidently rely on us to support your inspection tours, research, location hunting, filming and business negotiations anywhere in the Netherlands, the Dutch (Flemish)-speaking zone of Belgium or in Japan. Raised in Japan, we are native speakers of both Dutch and Japanese. Our services capitalize on our more than ten years’ experience residing in the Netherlands and make good use of that experience to match our customers’ needs.

The Dutch are said to be proficient in English, but that does not mean just anyone can tell a complicated story fluently. It can often happen that one is unable to communicate fine nuances, leading to misunderstanding and the loss of a relationship of mutual trust. Understanding the cultural differences between Japan and the Netherlands, So Communications can act as a bridge between the straightforward and efficient Dutch and the Japanese, who “sense the mood,” and support smooth communication between them.

Fixing and production support
Working out of Amsterdam as fixer and line producer, we take charge of everything within the Netherlands and Japan, from doing research, making appointments, coordinating schedules, assisting licensing process, arranging for lodging, hiring local staff, securing vehicles and equipment to providing the interpreter on the appointed day.

So Communications’ Translation
We translate Dutch or English into easy-to-read, natural Japanese language. In addition to translating home pages, publications, academic reports, we also handle tape transcription, audio recordings and subtitles for films. We also provide translation into Dutch and English as well as proofreading by native-speaking translators.

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